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    Access building drawings anywhere, forever.
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Always Up To Date. Always Good To Go.

When your team is using FASTTAC, you know that they are always looking at the most up to date drawings. No longer will you need to worry about reprinting and distributing drawings, simply add your markups and instantly your team can see the changes on any PC or iPad. No more printing. No more wasting time. No more worrying.

Your Drawings Securely Stored. Forever.

Storing, maintaining and using paper documents can be costly and inefficient. With FASTTAC you can take your entire library of drawings directly to the job site. Access the most current version of your drawings instantly during the construction phase and at anytime during facility management.

Versions & Audit Trails

You know how often drawings can change and costly mistakes that can happen when your teams aren't on the same page. Not only does FASTTAC allow you to easily add and share mark-ups, it also maintains a versions of every change made. Improve your audit trail, lower risk, and increase efficiency with FASTTACs version tracking.

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